Productive Prediction-Making

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

Rapid prediction of quality problems can empower petrochemical plant personnel to make timely adjustments that improve production outcomes...

Advanced Analytics for Wastewater Treatment

— Water & Waste Digest

Across industrial wastewater treatment facilities modern automation is enabling the inexpensive generation and collection of massive amounts of process data. The propensity to make decisions by gut feel may seem...

How Merck uses advanced analytics to improve manufacturing

— Pharmaceutical Processing World

Transitioning from traditional batch to continuous manufacturing provides greater throughput, but it requires near real-time data analysis to proactively address potential problems.

Getting the best out of your data

— Control Engineering Europe

Turning data into actionable information is vital to the success of any Industry 4.0 project. Suzanne Gill finds out what data analytic solutions are available today for both process and factory applications and gathers advice about successful integration of these solutions.

How Raw Data is Made Ready for Applying Analytics

— Control Engineering

What’s the barrier to getting insights from data?

Process plant time-series data analysis can’t proceed effectively until...

Product Focus: The Digital Leap

— Pharma Manufacturing

The pharma industry was already in the midst of a slow but steady adoption of digital technologies as a way of beefing up operational capabilities. Once COVID-19 hit...

Death by a Thousand Spreadsheets: The Simple Yet Insidious Nature of Time Series Data

— Automation World

Despite their many limitations, spreadsheets are the tool of choice for engineers performing ad hoc analytics on time series data. Fortunately, there are better alternatives in the form of advanced analytics software.

2020 Engineering Leader Under 40: Krista Novstrup, 38

— Control Engineering

Manager of Analytics Engineering, Seeq Corp., Seattle, Wash., BS Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, PhD Chemical Engineering, Purdue University

Solving problems at ‘the speed of now’

— Pharma Manufacturing

How pharma can leverage the cloud to make data-driven decisions quickly

Scoring Big on Insight From Effective Data Cleansing and Contextualization

— Manufacturing Tomorrow

When it comes to time-series data, there is no shortage of options. Cloud-based, data-lake, open source, and historians are all readily available solutions for data storage, along with lower prices for sensors, and wired or wireless offerings for data aggregation.