How Seeq software can help predict chromatography column failure

— Pharmaceutical Processing World

It’s possible to use advanced analytics to predict biopharmaceutical failures, allowing corrective action to be taken before batches are lost or quality is degraded. A Seeq expert explains.

The Human Side Of Pharma 4.0

— Pharmaceutical Online

With patient health and safety on the line, it is not uncommon for any promising technology or solution aimed at delivering added efficiency and safety to drug development and manufacturing to gain the attention of pharma’s subject matter experts (SMEs). Intellectual analysis combined with justified skepticism help vet each one to determine how far these movements and their buzzwords make it into our strategies as well as our lexicon. Some become innovative movements that transform how we do business, and others fall to the wayside, waiting on missing pieces of the puzzle to bring them to fruition.

Use Advanced Analytics To Usher In The Continuous Manufacturing Era

— Pharmaceutical Online

Regulatory support and innovations in technology have fueled the adoption of continuous manufacturing in pharma over the last several years, which exhibits a move toward operations excellence marked by rapid production within multi-use facilities, reduced scale-up risk, and greater quality expectations. The end-to-end, integrated, and intensified processing approach to drug production offers a wide range of benefits that help drive the industry’s goals to increase efficiency in drug development and manufacturing while lowering costs. 

Charting A Path To More Cost-Effective Control Valve Maintenance

— Oil and Gas Online

Monitoring control valve health and performance before situations reach crisis stage is an important aspect of managing oil and gas operations. Decision makers can gain better insights when using advanced analytics solutions that accommodate multiple forms of process industry time-series data to benchmark performance patterns. Consider these factors when searching for a better approach to control valve maintenance.

Seeking Efficiency? Analytics Makes It Easy

— Water Online

Despite the availability of advanced software, spreadsheets are still the default data analytics tool for operations managers at many municipal water systems and water distribution companies. However, an investment in analytics technology can pay for itself quickly by providing a relatively easy method to extract process data from various sources and then by performing an analysis to provide answers to previously difficult questions.

Environmental Advantages of IoT

— WaterWorld

After 6,000 gallons of sewage spilled into an ecological reserve threatening an oyster habitat, Tasmania’s TasWater implemented a pilot program to use sewage pump station data to spot and respond to blockages and spills early.

Advanced Analytics Delivers Continuous Manufacturing Innovation


Advanced analytics streamlines continuous manufacturing by providing improved insights to data.

Remote monitoring of blowout preventers improves operations

— Oil & Gas Engineering

BOP system tester uses analytics software to help its oil & gas clients avoid downtime and incident.

Decreasing Downtime

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

Seeq's Sepideh Rajaeirad outlines how advanced analytics can be leveraged to improve availability, reliability, and uptime.

Developing Process Control Strategies for Continuous Bioprocesses

— BioProcess International

Process control enables biomanufacturers to ensure that operating parameters are within defined specifications. A control strategy should be established during early stages of process development while process and product performance are being defined using risk-based methods such as quality by design (QbD) and process analytical technologies (PATs).