Getting the Most Out of Digital Transformation


The right software and training empower employees to connect, grow, and pivot as necessary to improve personal and organizational productivity.

Improve Operational Excellence With Advanced Analytics

— Chemical Processing

Cloud-based software can optimize data analytics to deliver maximum value.

Why Remote Access is More Widely Used in the Process Industries

— Automation World

From dealing with core operating factors such as the hazardous and remote location of many assets to new consolidation and outsourcing trends, the process industries are leading the way with remote monitoring technology use.

Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Applications in the CPI

— Control Engineering

A convergence of digital technologies and data science means that industrial AI is gaining ground and producing results for CPI users.

The Future of Lean: Advanced Analytics Breathe New Life into Aging Six Sigma Initiatives


Lean and Six Sigma projects have served the process industries well for decades, but new tools are needed to optimize outcomes. Advanced analytics software is particularly well suited to these types of projects, providing the benefits desired with much less time and effort as compared to traditional technologies.

Gaining insight into murky waters

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

Chemical reactors are one of the most flexible assets in a manufacturing plant. Changing reactor conditions, feed blend, recipe, or line-up can result in the same equipment producing vastly different products. The transition period experienced between successful production of different products is a side effect of this flexibility.

Don’t Look at the Sun—Look at the Data


Solar electrical generating facilities are putting responsive analytics to use so they can improve efficiency and optimize maintenance.

Processor adapts advanced analytics to improve operations

— Processing Magazine

At last year’s OSIsoft PI World conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, Lonza’s global operational technology manager, Dr. Tobias Merz, gave a presentation describing the Lonza Specialty Ingredients segment’s journey to obtain actionable, information-based insights from its data.

Deploying advanced analytics for predictions

— Pharma Manufacturing

Advanced analytics in the pharma industry is a problem-solving journey through historical, current and predicted data, with insights driving an improved decision-making process.

Process Manufacturers Leverage Cloud Computing for Advanced Analytics


COVID-19 is accelerating IT cloud investments to deliver the innovations required to cope with the pandemic and other market disruptions.