Deploying advanced analytics for predictions

— Pharma Manufacturing

Advanced analytics in the pharma industry is a problem-solving journey through historical, current and predicted data, with insights driving an improved decision-making process.

Process Manufacturers Leverage Cloud Computing for Advanced Analytics


COVID-19 is accelerating IT cloud investments to deliver the innovations required to cope with the pandemic and other market disruptions.

Seeq R22 selected for 2021 Engineers' Choice Awards

— Control Engineering

Analytics use case examples demonstrate uses, benefits

— Oil & Gas Engineering

Search for improved data use to address industry challenges

The cloud as OT/IT matchmaker

— Control Global

Alignment of these domains will accelerate due to the explosive growth of the cloud.

3 data analysis tips: Adapt data, leverage employee skills, innovate

— Control Engineering

Industry 4.0 requires an appropriate use of data structures, people skills and analytic tools.

Optimizing Tech Transfer with Advanced Analytics


Sharing process insights across the stages of drug development improves tech transfer.

How process manufacturers are driving sustainability goals

— Processing Magazine

Applying advanced analytics to new and existing data creates insights to help manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and cut energy costs.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Investments and Funding of 2020

— Analytics Insight

As more and more businesses transition to the cloud, the year 2020 has seen an increasing wave of investments in cloud computing startups so far. Here’s a look at the top 10 cloud computing investments and funding of 2020.