Automation Spending Trends Diverge in Continuous Processing

— Automation World

Research shows that digital transformation is the primary driver of automation technology spending across the discrete, batch, and continuous process industries. But which technologies get the most focus when it comes to continuous processing?

IIoT Platforms: Vendor Confusion Requires User Caution


The IoT platforms market is at the height of its confusion before a period of consolidation, standardization, and simplicity for users. 

Phillips 66 Invests in Seeq, an Advanced Analytics Software Developer

— Business Wire

Phillips 66 is driving to expand its advanced analytics capabilities with an investment supporting Seeq, a developer of software applications for analyzing and sharing insights on process manufacturing data.

AWS IoT SiteWise Year One: Product enhancements, customer and partner stories

— AWS IoT Blog

At AWS, we build technology to help customers and partners such as Coca Cola İçecek, Yara, Lyell Immunopharma, Hitachi Vantara, Embassy of Things, TensorIoT, Element Analytics, and Seeq solve real world problems like minimizing equipment downtime, maximizing product quality, and ensuring personnel safety.

Maintenance 4.0

— Processing Magazine

The predictive analytics era redefines how process manufacturers care for critical equipment.

How Automation is Helping Industry Adapt to Today’s Workforce Reality

— Automation World

Though it represents one of the greater job skill challenges for new entrants, technology is increasingly viewed as a key attractor for the next-generation industrial workforce.

Why Remote Access is Popular in Continuous Processing

— Automation World

Find out in this Take Five video why the use of remote access tends to be higher in the processing industries than in discrete manufacturing and where processing companies tend to use the technology most.

Analytics Overload: Why You’re Confused

— Automation World

Analytics has had a rough go of it in the last couple of decades with marketing abuse and over-saturation of messaging, but a new generation of solutions will deliver on the promises and potential of innovation.

Is Dirty Data Better?

— Process Industry Informer

Excessive data cleansing is often performed automatically and can prevent insights from being uncovered, but advanced analytics software helps users dig into the dirt for better analytics.

Room for Improvement

— World Cement

Seeq's Emily Johnston describes how advanced analytics can be used to improve cement production (page 23).