Data analytics: Seeing deeper, optimizing better

— Control Global

Guardian Glass uses Seeq software to optimize its transitions in it float glass and coating processes.

Developing Automation Downstream


Automation enables the intensification of downstream processes.

Asset Management: AI Stands For “Applications Increase”

— Chemical Processing

Pioneering efforts target diverse opportunities.

Using advanced analytics applications to improve sustainability

— Control Engineering

Case studies show how process manufacturers leverage data insights to proactively monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Advanced Analytics Applications Enhance Municipal Asset Management

— Water & Waste Digest

By implementing advanced analytics software, water districts and municipalities are leveraging data-based models to increase asset performance and longevity, while optimizing maintenance procedures.

Seeking a Sustainable Energy Future with Analytics

— Process Heating

Process manufacturers are using improved software applications to accelerate their energy transitions.

Unlocking the full potential of pharma batch reports

— Pharma Manufacturing

How integrated batch reporting can help manufacturers identify non-conformance parameters and aid process improvement.

Data availability raises the bar on application expectations

— Control Design

Control Design discusses how sensor data can enhance industrial control and remote monitoring with Seeq Founder Brian Parsonnet.

Automating Biopharma Manufacturing

— BioPharm International

Automation and digitalization work together in the digital plant.

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Announces Nearly $400,000 in Funding from NYSERDA to Expand Facility Operation & Maintenance Training for Technicians, Engineers and Business Personnel

— SUNY Polytechnic Institute

SUNY Polytechnic Institute announces ZEN Smart PATH program, a multi-year project which includes training on Seeq. This program will train more than 100 on-site and regional partner employees by utilizing multiple data science platforms tailored for the many exciting careers in facility operations.