Achieving manufacturing business value through the cloud

— Control Global

Most companies ride three distinct waves on the cloud migration journey: supporting IT workloads, optimizing mission-critical systems and creating business value.

Improving sustainability with advanced analytics applications

— Control Engineering

Three case studies demonstrate the ways process manufacturers are leveraging their advanced analytics applications to promote sustainable operations and business practices.

Delivering Analytics to the Workforce

— Automation World

The new Seeq Process Health Solution applies analytics and machine learning to complex production, quality and optimization procedures in process manufacturing.

Elastic software and the exploding cloud: A Q&A with Seeq's Dustin Johnson

— Smart Industry

Cloud-based advanced analytics solutions play a critical role in accessing, cleansing, computing and reporting on sustainability KPIs.

Plan Now to Save Later

— Food Engineering

Plan a digital transformation to save energy, improve quality and throughput or iron out supply chain wrinkles—but get started now.

Building Analytics Using Time Series Fundamentals

— Processing Magazine

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are optimizing business profitability through deployment of advanced analytical solutions.

Use Data to Build Better Batches

— Efficient Plant

Advanced analytics applications empower SMEs to quickly and intuitively isolate batch data and determine causes of run-to-run variabilities.

Digital vs. paper tools for asset management

— Water & Waste Digest

Advanced analytics applications provide asset management agility for municipalities.

Applying advanced analytics to minimize emissions in the oil and gas sector

— Processing Magazine

By leveraging advanced analytics applications, refining and petrochemical companies are creating models to proactively decarbonize their operations, accelerating the clean energy transition.

Advanced Analytics Enhance Equipment Maintenance Programs

— IEN Industrial Equipment News

By combining retrospective analysis with predictive tools, process manufacturers are using advanced analytics applications to build models, project failures, determine optimal maintenance schedules and increase uptime.