SUNY Polytechnic Institute Announces Nearly $400,000 in Funding from NYSERDA to Expand Facility Operation & Maintenance Training for Technicians, Engineers and Business Personnel

— SUNY Polytechnic Institute

SUNY Polytechnic Institute announces ZEN Smart PATH program, a multi-year project which includes training on Seeq. This program will train more than 100 on-site and regional partner employees by utilizing multiple data science platforms tailored for the many exciting careers in facility operations.

Get A Handle On Your GHG Metrics

— Control Engineering

Think EPA regs are demanding? Your CEO, Wall Street and blockchain are next

Why Tech Companies Need To Embrace Equity, Diversity And Inclusion

— Control Engineering

The high-tech sector tends to lag behind when it comes to gender parity and diversity. But diverse companies perform better and increase employee satisfaction.

The Data Science Dilemma

— Control Global

As process manufacturers catch the data science wave, they face an early decision of whether to upskill or onboard. There are pros and cons to each strategy.

Analytics Provide Process Insights

— Efficient Plant

Advanced-analytics tools make it possible for engineers and other SMEs to greatly increase productivity and overall plant reliability.

Advanced Analytics Improve Process Optimization

— Control Engineering

Success stories show how advanced analytics software is used to create insights and improve process efficiency. See three use case examples.

Bridging On-Premise and Cloud Data


Hybrid data architectures empower process manufacturers to more quickly realize the business benefits from their cloud and IIoT investments.

Leading the Way to Workforce Optimization

— Manufacturing Leadership Council

In a difficult hiring environment, investing in staff and fostering employee-focused cultures are essential.   

Advanced Analytics Applications Power Predictive Maintenance Efforts

— Power Magazine

Moving from reactive to predictive maintenance requires the right tools for use by subject matter experts.

Provide Learning Time

— Efficient Plant

You’ve escaped pilot purgatory, cleared organizational obstacles, and are now in position to implement an advanced analytics system that will significantly improve manufacturing performance.