‘Seeq Week’, leaves us feeling connected and energized about Seeq’s mission, team, and our shared vision.

Written by Tabitha Colie on June 02, 2022

The Seeq team kicked off May with the return of our all-company meetup, known as ‘Seeq Week’, in Austin, Texas. Since the earliest days of our remote-first company, we have recognized the need for annual in-person gatherings to stoke the fires of enthusiasm and connection that we feel as colleagues. Due to COVID, our last two meetups have been virtual. And while they were helpful in bringing us together to talk about our shared mission, we still missed the opportunity to meet in person to connect and grow as a team.

Planning Seeq Week

After careful consideration and several conversations with the team, we determined that a hybrid event was the best option for our first post-COVID meet-up. While the majority of Seeqers were ready to gather in-person again, the hybrid experience gave our teammates around the world the opportunity to virtually join general sessions each day and even participate in a virtual activity from the comfort of their homes.

With the location and format set, the team took a look back at the last nine years of Seeq Week agendas to design a 2022 plan that would allow us to make the most of our three days together.

Day 1

We kicked off the meet up with a welcome reception to meet and greet one another and set the stage for a fun few days ahead. The buzz of excitement was palpable as team members explored the venue, connected with one another in person, in many cases for the first time, and visited with old friends.

Throughout the room, employees donned purple orchid leis in honor of a team member with Hawaiian heritage who unexpectedly passed away the month before, while the DJ played some of his original musical compositions. My heart swelled and my eyes misted more than once in response to this sweet tribute and the gathering of this talented and diverse team that we’ve built over the last nine years.

Day 2

The general session opened with a brief history of Seeq delivered by CEO Dr. Lisa Graham. Next, we heard from our keynote speakers, Mikaila and Theo Ulmer, from Me and the Bees Lemonade, a lemonade supplier that donates a percentage of its profits to organizations fighting to save the honeybees. They shared their inspiring story of social entrepreneurship and their powerful keys to success: 1) Bee passionate 2) Stay connected and 3) Have a hive mentality.

We split into cross-functional teams for the afternoon, both in-person and virtually, to compete in an Amazing Race-themed AdVenture Games activity. Teams explored Austin while completing a variety of missions–from writing jingles to recreating scenes from Blockbuster hits.

To end the night, teams broke off to discover Austin’s unique and world-class culinary scene for dinner.

Day 3

The final day began with an executive leadership panel that responded to a range of employee questions via our anonymous suggestion box.

In the afternoon, functional teams gathered to complete activities of their choice together. From axe throwing, to virtual reality experiences, to Escape Rooms, and even volunteering with our keynote speakers’ Healthy Hive Foundation at the Austin Nature & Science Center, the teams chose unique activities that empowered them to step outside of their day-to-day work conversations and connect on a more personal level.

The final evening wrapped up with a party at the Roosevelt Room, where we said our goodbyes and started thinking about the next time we will all meet in person.

Looking Ahead

On my flight home to the Pacific Northwest the next day, I was buoyant with the collective energy that we all shared. The meetup had achieved in me exactly what I had hoped for the rest of the team: to leave feeling connected and energized about Seeq’s mission, team, and our shared vision.

Special thanks to everyone on our internal team as well as our external partners for elevating this event to new heights.

At the 2023 meetup we will be celebrating Seeq’s 10-year anniversary. I am already eager to see how much we have learned, how we have grown, and who will be there to add their joyful buzz to our growing hive.

Interested in joining this hive and being part of next year’s Seeq Week? Visit the Careers Page to learn about our open opportunities.