We Released a New Version of Seeq This Week

Written by Michael Risse on February 08, 2016

We are wrapping up great work of progress on product and customer success just in time for next week’s ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida. In fact, we have Seeq represented by customers and our CTO, Brian Parsonnet, in 3 different sessions at ARC.

We also released a new version of Seeq, R12, just 3 months after our first commercial release at the Emerson Exchange user conference in October. And we are excited to sponsor the upcoming OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco in April. This is very exciting for us as it’s clear from customer feedback that customers using Seeq are going to appreciate their OSIsoft data even more than they already do.

Last year at ARC Industry Forum, Seeq had a booth in the exhibition area; this year we don't have a booth, but we are moving into the sessions with customers and executive participation. Please let us know if you are attending and would like to meet. In the meantime, below is a list of the sessions and presenters where Seeq will be covered:

Wednesday, 10:30am, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: The Future is Now, led by Janice Abel

Brandon Lake of Iberdrola Renewables will discuss how his company uses Seeq to create more accurate lost production reports. These reports are used in settlement reporting to the grid operators and directly affect revenue. 

Wednesday, 4:00pm, Service Performance Management by OEMs with Industrial Internet of Things, led by Ralph Rio

Shawn Anderson of Fisher Valves will present his insights from the recent roll-out of their remote monitoring service for valve data, including the use of Seeq by monitoring staff to accelerate analytics on valve data.

Thursday, 10:30am, Industrial Process Analytics: Predicting Events that Are Impacting Your Process, led by Peter Reynolds

This is a new session where Brian Parsonnet, CTO of Seeq, and other panelists will present on new process analytics solutions to help engineers and operations analysts leverage historical data for effectively enabling search, visualization and pattern detection.

Seeq R12
We released a new version of Seeq this week and should probably explain a couple things. First, as a subscription business we release updates every 3 months, which are free to try either online or via download with your own or sample data, and are part of the license price so upgrades are free for existing users. Also, as with most subscription software offerings, we iterate with each release so we’re now on R12, (R11 having been the first commercial release) because we had multiple release while in beta/production. We’re really excited to share R12 with customers and build on Seeq innovations in search, capsules, advanced trending and Odata to support Tableau, Excel, and other products.

To San Francisco and the OSIsoft Users Conference
Seeq is proud to be an exhibitor in our 4th straight OSIsoft Users Conference in the United States and in Europe. Our customer success with OSIsoft users demonstrates the value of Seeq in enabling rapid insights and analysis of data that is stored in the OSIsoft PI System. And with R12 features, and a new release coming in April, we will have much to demonstrate to attendees. We look forward to seeing you there!