Investing in Customers and Accelerating Their Value at Seeq

Written by Dr. Lisa Graham, P.E. on December 22, 2021

Seeq has experienced tremendous growth through our focus on core company values. Central to these core values is “Make a Difference for Our Customers.” We live this value by striving to deliver a world-class customer experience. The benefits of this experience are threefold:

  • Our people: Our team of experts coupled with our customers’ experts and visibility to stakeholders provide the key ingredients for creating valuable insights from customer data. Seeq’s team has built workforce enablement and self-empowerment into each step of the customer journey. We know your organization is full of ideas and subject matter expertise, and we are with you each step of the way to monetize those ideas and upskill your experts along the way.
  • Our technology: Seeq has been singularly focused on delivering a self-service, advanced analytics application for users of all backgrounds. From visual analytics for your operational experts, to powerful programming tools for data scientists, to organizational knowledge sharing for management, Seeq connects your disparate data to your experts and gives them an environment to explore, and scale that insight throughout.
  • Our process: Seeq combines industry-specific use cases from our own experts with hands-on, comprehensive training and educational services to foster an environment for all users, from operators to data scientists, to become Seeq experts themselves. Our objective is to create a culture of continuous learning and exploration through these processes.

Investing in People, Investing for the Future

As Seeq has grown, we recognized a need to scale our organization in new ways to continue to deliver on our customer promise. This year, Seeq introduced three new groups—the customer success organization, industry principals group, and application ambassadors team —that represent our customer-centric, operational shift toward providing differentiated business value to the industries we serve.

Transferring Expertise, Focusing on Value

Our customers are most successful when they have internal teams well-trained on Seeq’s many capabilities. Seeq Analytics Engineers (AEs) are experts in applying Seeq’s unique applications to solve industry specific use cases. Our AEs are not only Seeq experts, but also have worked in the same industries and held many of the same roles as our customers. AEs can rely on their years of experience in industry-leading companies across oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and others, to work with your experts to solve your most challenging use cases.

We guide customers initially as users familiarize themselves with Seeq, empowering customers to pursue their own ideas independently in the future. Our AEs not only provide hands-on, technical guidance for use cases, but also develop publicly available use cases to demonstrate how customers in each industry can do more with Seeq.

To expand customer engagement beyond the work of these trusted technical advisors, we formalized our Customer Success organization, representing our commitment to make the Seeq experience the same for the 10,000th user as the 10th. Customer Success Managers (CSMs), many of whom began their careers at Seeq as AEs, partner with and act as lead liaisons between our customers and Seeq. CSMs are focused on understanding customer business drivers and how best to engage Seeq resources to deliver real value from investment in Seeq. CSMs work closely with AEs to create a customer program that is geared for long-term success, including defining a success roadmap and implementing best practices to maximize your return on investment.

Industry Expertise, Strategic Outlook

The challenges faced by our customers are often complicated by the specific requirements of their industry. This year, Seeq introduced two teams of experts to support these unique challenges. The Industry Principals group provides customers, partners, and Seeq with macro-level insight in targeted verticals to ensure we’re addressing the needs and business challenges of each. Industry Principals draw on their expertise to enable stakeholders to identify and scale applications that deliver rapid ROI, influencing Seeq product direction when necessary. With their finger on the pulse of industry trends, they also serve as thought leaders for their respective industries throughout industry organizations and events. The industry principals group includes:

Seeq Team


  • Allison Buenemann, industry principal for chemicals: Prior to her role as industry principal, Buenemann held process engineering roles with ExxonMobil Chemical and Eastman, and most recently as a senior analytics engineer for Seeq.
  • Petter Mörée industry principal for pharmaceuticals and managing director of EMEA: Mörée formerly served as the industry principal for life sciences and pharmaceuticals at OSIsoft and prior to that he led the product management and sales organizations at MKS Umetrics, now Sartorius.
  • Giro Iuliano, industry principal for power and utilities: Iuliano brings nearly 20 years of sales and business development experience to Seeq, following a decade working with power and utilities customers at OSIsoft and five years at Oracle.
  • Mariana Sandin, industry principal for oil and gas: Sandin serves as industry principal for oil and gas and additional process industries. She has more than 15 years of experience helping customers implement digital transformation projects at OSIsoft.

Our third team addition in 2021 was the Application Ambassadors. This is a group of industry experts focused on advising Seeq at a strategic level to strengthen our offering. With hundreds of years of combined experience, Application Ambassadors will work with our enterprise customers to develop Pathfinder Programs that align our customers’ long-term strategic objectives with Seeq’s capabilities. This alignment drives continued value generation for the customer and enhances Seeq’s role in that process.


Adoption is Key

Our focus as a self-service, advanced analytics application compels us to assist in customer adoption, which is accelerated by empowering users to understand the capabilities of and be proficient in the usage of Seeq.


Seeq Team

We provide comprehensive educational training in a variety of formats that best suit your experts’ needs and availability, including instructor-led and self-paced live virtual training options. Seeq provides relevant, rapid, and applied training through hands-on experience using Seeq tools in real-life scenarios; start with a Foundation Analytics Skill course and progress through advanced training on visual analytics and data science. Led by experienced engineers and data scientists, the curriculum features exercises for each role within an organization so each learner gains experience with the skills they need within the context of the organization-wide workflow. Seeq will also work with customers to develop an enterprise-wide training curriculum and rollout across organizations.


Success is a Journey, We’re Here for It

On the cusp of a New Year, Seeq continues its dedication and investment in driving our customers’ success. Look for more content from our team as we share insight into our efforts to deliver on our core value, “Make a Difference for Our Customers.” To stay on top of Seeq updates, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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