Part 1 of Seeq's "Day in the Life" Series

Written by Tabitha Colie on March 09, 2022

This post is the first in an ongoing “Day in the Life” series, where we will share what the employee experience is like here at Seeq across roles and teams.

Hi, I’m Tabitha Colie, Director of Culture & Engagement at Seeq. I live in southern Washington State, along the Columbia River Gorge. I’ve been with Seeq since the company launched in 2013. In my time at Seeq, I’ve held roles in Marketing and People Ops, and now that our team has grown, I focus full-time on scaling our culture.

In my role, my day often includes a mix of recurring meetings and unstructured time. I know, through years of trial and error, that I work best when I have an action plan for the day and block time on my calendar for high-priority tasks or focus time. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me, but bear in mind that this can vary wildly depending on the needs of the company:

6:30 AM Wake up, sip coffee, read something inspiring (right now I’m reading poetry by Mary Oliver), and prioritize my day. Schedule time on my calendar for exercise so that it doesn’t get overwritten with meetings. Pull myself together and make sure I am presentable over Zoom. Often this translates into cozy pants and nice top plus lipstick.

8:00 AM Walk down the hallway to my office. Attend daily Show & Tell when I can, then catch up on emails and Slack messages, and respond to any urgent requests for help. This might include admin help related to our performance management software, Lattice, as well as a wide variety of culture-related questions from the team. For example, I might reply to suggestions that have come into our anonymous suggestion box.

8:30 AM Present at the weekly all-company meeting, focusing on sharing ways to participate in Seeq’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Culture (DEIC) initiatives. I talk about our monthly DEIC Guild meetings, bi-monthly DEI book club, and our two annual Observances, which are cultural learning opportunities

9:00 AM Draw names for annual Seeq-ret Santa holiday gift exchange. Spread holiday cheer to my colleagues by sending follow-up emails to tell people the names of their Seeq-ret Pals.

10:00 AM Meet with the steering team for our new internal development program, Seeqology. Talk through goals, curriculum, and outcomes as we dive into creating a holistic personal and career growth program to meet the needs of everyone in the company. No small feat!

10:55 AM Take a break for a 20-minute walk with my 9-month-old puppy. Today it’s blizzarding where I live in the Pacific Northwest, and my pup loves to play in the snow. Afterward, I’ll work out for 30 minutes using the Peloton app for strength training, yoga, and meditation. Bonus: we receive 1 year of free membership to the Peloton app with our company health benefits!

12:00 PM Prepare lunch in my kitchen. This month I’m doing a Whole30 challenge, so lunch is baked salmon on a spinach salad. Delish! After lunch, catch up on any new Slack and email messages.

1:00 PM Meet with planning team for the 2022 all-company meetup, which we call Seeq Week, in Austin, Texas. Work through a rough draft of the agenda, designing it with our key goals of bringing the team together for play, bonding, and team alignment. With the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we are planning a hybrid in-person and virtual event so that each team member is empowered to make the best choices when it comes to travel.

2:00 PM Culture research, which might include listening to a podcast (Work Life by Adam Grant and Unlocking Us by Brené Brown are two favorites), reading articles from my Google Alerts for Remote Work, and writing/ideating.

3:00 PM Meet with CEO for our bi-weekly conversation about the current climate of the company culture. Propose new initiatives, receive and process her ideas.

3:30 PM Listen to the next two chapters of our DEI Book Club book: The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias by Pamela Fuller, who was our keynote speaker at our most recent virtual meetup. Take notes and prepare talking points for tomorrow’s meeting.

4:30 PM Check messages and respond to anything urgent. Review the priorities that I set at the beginning of the day and mark completed tasks, shifting unfinished items to tomorrow’s high priority list. Schedule any necessary meetings, catch up with co-workers.

6:00ish PM Sign off and enjoy the rest of my evening!

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