Seeq Analytics Engineers share holiday card creations, made using Seeq!

Written by Joanna Zinsli on December 22, 2022

While our fully virtual Seeq team doesn’t gather for a holiday party each year, we do maintain a few cherished traditions that keep our team feeling bonded and excited for the holiday season. One is our annual Seeqret Santa gift exchange and the other is our analytics engineers’ holiday card creations, made using Seeq! 
This tradition started in 2019 when Senior Analytics Engineer Teddy Turfitt used Scatter Plot in Seeq Workbench to design a star-topped spruce.

In 2020, Principal Analytics Engineer Joe Reckamp took the designs a step further, using Seeq to design seasonal sketches, again using Scatter Plot and time series data pushed from Seeq Data Lab.

That same year, Principal Applied Research Engineer John Garramone brought even more color into the mix with this warm hearth scene, complete with dog, decorations, and presents. 

This year, the holiday card tradition continues as Teddy flexed his data analytics skills again to create this impressive script design with capsules in Trend View.

I also created a 2022 edition using a few new capabilities available in upcoming releases. 

My Python skills need improvement compared to some of my colleagues, but while humming some holiday tunes, I created a simple Seeq holiday scene to decorate my Zoom office for a few weeks.  

  • Menorahs are created with a series of periodic conditions with different frequencies, using an occasional subtract() to offset the center candle. The candles are taller than the flames because conditions can have varying thicknesses in an upcoming release.  

  • I have a forest of star-topped trees that I created with a single periodic condition followed by subsequent shrink() formulas. I turned to move() and combinewith() when I got to the star’s feet. As you can see in the image, new capabilities will enable users to reorder conditions by dragging the items in the Details Pane and conditions can share a lane. 

  • I crafted a peppermint candy from a pie chart. A new feature will allow the use of signal colors to color charts instead of the previous default colors. 

  • I used an asset group with a few holiday-themed assets to make a present under my trees.  

  • I brought it all together in a single Organizer Topic to share because that is how our users bring various charts together to share with their wider audience who may not be dabbling in the details in Workbench.  

Have you used Seeq in an unexpected way to create a holiday design or other creation? If so, share it with your account teams!  

Happy Holidays and Happy Seeqing!